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SEN Master Academy
consists of a group of individuals who are specifically martial artists and educators who want to make a difference in the world they live in through the use of martial arts. Though this may conjure up images of fighting skills and techniques, it is really not the case. We aim is to teach and impart intangible skills like integrity, self confidence, preservation of life and the indomitable spirit through martial arts, along with physical skills, which will develop and improve fitness and health for the individual. Such skills, imparted to those with special needs / learning disabilities, have also benefited immensely from our method of teaching.

SEN Master Academy is divided into 4 main components that come under its umbrella. 

SEN Master (Special Educational Needs Martial Arts Therapy) promotes martial arts as a form of therapy for the individual affected by disabilities in the cognitive and academic sphere. Some common disabilities are dyslexia, dyspraxia (fine motor skills), autism spectrum disorder, attention deficit hyperactive disorder, Down's Syndrome, just to name a few. The program is conducted in a goal driven method that makes it fun, purposeful and educational.


CTA was formed in 2008 to inculcate young school-going
children with not only Taekwon-do skills but invaluable life skills which will prepare them to face life's challenges as they head towards adulthood. Today, other than children's classes, we have classes for young and mature adults as well, many of whom train for the benefits of health and fitness.


A.R.M. (an abbreviation for Aware, Respond, Minimize) is a program developed for "arming" one-self with the skills to live in a world where crime and violence is prevalent. We provide skill-sets not only in physical techniques, but also in psychological, mental and emotional aspects. It is our notion that prevention is always better than cure. Having some knowledge will provide the individual the necessary tools to avoid situations that can happen anywhere, anytime. 


Ladies Kickboxing It’s a great and fun way to get into shape, help with fat loss, tone & sculpt muscles, improve fitness and health, relieve stress and gain you oodles of self-confidence, all in an action-packed hour. Apart from learning some form of self-protection, you will get a fabulous cardio workout. All around, it just kicks ass in an awesome way in a full body workout!